Natural hair care program:

1.Title: Natural Hair Care
2.Contact Hours: 300 (Required for Licensure)
3.Course Description:
A comprehensive course providing instruction and clinical practice in twisting, wrapping, extending, locking, blow-dry, and hot iron. This course includes sanitation, bacteriology, disinfection, shampooing, draping, anatomy, disorders of the hair and scalp, and other related topics. The students will be able to safely, and competently perform natural hair care styling and decorations in a salon setting upon completion of the course.
4.Course Objective:
The natural hair care styling curriculum is designed to provide competency-based knowledge, scientific/artistic principles, and hands-on fundamentals associated with the natural hair industry. The curriculum provides a simulated salon environment that enables students to develop manipulative skills.
5.Text and Workbook:

  1. Milady’s Standard Natural Hair Care and Braiding Textbook and Workbook
    • Videos – Reference material (other natural hair care related books)
    • REQUIRED CLOTHING & ETC.: Uniform consisting of black shirt/pants or dress, white or black socks, and black shoes; optional: black lab jacket; and, name tag with identifying program.
    • Stand properly to avoid back strain
    • Practice personal & public hygiene
    • Handle hot irons properly
    • Comply with OSHA & State Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners Sanitation Practices

6.Theory Requirements
Sanitation, bacteriology, disinfection, first aid, shampooing, draping, anatomy, disorders of the hair and scalp, and client compensation are required in the first 25 hours before performing clinical services. Styles and techniques of natural hair styling including twisting, wrapping, extending, locking, blow-dry and thermal iron; business management; and professional ethics will be included with the remaining 275 hours that will consist of theory, practice, and clinical requirements.

Performance Requirements

  1. Before a student may perform a live model performance the student shall pass the respective mannequin performance evaluation plan and blood exposure and disinfection procedure evaluation plan.
  2. Performances shall be defined as the systematic completion of the steps for safe and effective art services to a client.
  3. All cosmetic art students shall receive training on Material Safety Data Sheets prepared by the manufacturer on all products used by the school’s students in performances.

*NOTE* No credit will be given for performance requirements and no clinical services will be performed until scoring 80% on each performance evaluation.

Natural hair care teacher trainee

A 12 Week program with 320 hours in the classroom will prepare you to pass the State Board Exam.

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